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Photo de Arkadi Lavoie-Lachapelle

Arkadi Lavoie-Lachapelle

Membre professionnel
Action, intervention et processus, Arts de la fibre, Estampe, Installation, Média électronique et numérique, Performance, Photographie, Autres, Vidéo d’art
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Blainville Art

Membre corporatif
Organisme à but non lucratif existant depuis 30 ans et supporté par la ville de Blainville. Nous offrons des cours et ateliers (acrylique, sculpture, encre, pastel, modèles vivants et ateliers libres) et nous avons plusieurs expositions annuelles (deux organisées par Blainville-Art, deux chapeautées par le centre d'exposition de Blainville)
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Photo de carolelamoureux.com


Membre professionnel
Autres, Dessin, Estampe, Peinture, Sculpture
Carole Lamoureux est native de Drummondville. Elle apprend les bases de l’aquarelle avec Jean-P. Ladouceur et devient membre de la SCA (Société canadienne d’Aquarelle) en 1989. En parallèle, elle poursuit et termine un BAC en Design de l’environnement, ce qui l’a ensuite amené à étudier aux Beaux-Arts de l’UQAM.
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Photo de Catalin Domniteanu

Catalin Domniteanu

Membre associé
Art numérique, Média électronique et numérique, Peinture, Sculpture, Autres
Being born at the confluence of the Danube River and the Siret River on the east border of Romania, in an industrial city dominated by a gigantic metallurgic factory, I’ve received a formal mechanical engineering education in Galati, my own hometown. But during my student years I grew interested in stained-glass for its powerful relation to the light. With direct observations and experimentation, and after managing to extrude my own led profile, I eventually became skillful in the led came method. This part of my journey remains today, 25 year later, very important in my approach to the artistic affirmation. For several years then I continued to improve my technique (painting, etching, engraving etc) in my friend’s low-ceiling cellar turned into studio, located romantically in the old part of the city. In parallel, I’ve completed a three years painting program at the Lower Danube Cultural Centre in Galati, and not much later I moved to Canada. After my arrival in Calgary, in 2004, I took a full-time position with Tiffany House, a beautiful stained-glass studio and supplies company. There I became versed in the Tiffany method, which I now employ almost exclusively in my work. Having learned the English language well enough, I then welcomed an engineering career for a while, but continuing to take stained-glass repairs and restoration work, on contract, for several years. In 2015, the opportunity to explore free-hand my life-long impulse towards the arts showed-up. Equipped with total freedom of expression, I launched myself into projects that would test my artistic philosophy. My work turned from bi-dimensional to tri-dimensional and from decorative to conceptual and storytelling. Upon that, in 2018 I became a Board member of the Alberta Society of Artists, and then briefly but with great enthusiasm I served as the Exhibitions Chair. All in all, after participating to some local art shows and online art contests I started to get a sense of the reactions that my work stimulates publicly. In 2019, after much deliberation, my wife and I moved to the Montreal Metropolitan Area in the search for new experiences and broader audience. The specifics of my work require my public presence to be rather selective. However, I am now seeking gallery representation and collaboration with residential, institutional, and commercial building professionals.
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