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Colette Campbell-Moscrop

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Colette Campbell-Moscrop is a transdisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in drawing and has lived in Montreal since 1986. In 2013, she returned to university to study visual arts at Concordia University. She completed her BFA (Studio Arts) in 2016 with Great Distinction. In addition to her current art practice, she is also involved in the artistic community of Montreal as a board member with the non-profit organization Art Cible.

Colette’s drawings develop from her observations of everyday life, oscillating between observed reality and in her imagination, seeking to express both the dark but also the sublime side of the human experience.
In general, Colette focuses on the process itself and the hybridization of abstract images, writings and figurative forms. Her artworks, continuously reworked over time, both the subject and the medium, are gradually transformed through multiple manipulations such as image transfer, frottage, collage and washing.
Colette’s works demonstrate an exploration of different techniques, humor and strict production decision-making. By following pre-established self-imposed rules, her work evokes strange visual images while emphasizing everyday life.
She works mainly with traditional mediums, such as gouache and watercolor, but also non-traditional, such as nail polish or corrector fluid. Today, Colette continues to explore the notion of tools and personalized techniques with drawing and painting seeking to express strange and/or stunning visual proposals.

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