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Become a member and participate in the defense of the economic, social, moral and professional interests of visual artists.

Founded in 1989 and recognized by law S-32.1, the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV) is the only association legally mandated to represent all visual artists in Quebec.

Benefits of RAAV membership :

Professional status and grants (professional members ONLY):

-Confirm your status as a professional artist by the meaning of law S-32.1;
-Access grant programs that require professional artist status.

Representation (all members):

-Be represented in front of political decision-makers: RAAV have over 25 years of experience in the service of its members and defends their interests before public and private authority;
-Find the legal support you need;
-Become a player in the visual arts ecosystem by voting at the AGM or on major projects;
-Get more involved by joining the Board of Directors or committees.

Promotion and networking (all members):

-Make yourself known by personalizing your profile in the member folder;
-Participate in RAAV activities and enrich your contacts.

Professional development (all members):

– Get priority access to RAAV’s cost-effective continuing education and professional development activities;
-Help yourself when exporting your works with our guides and documents.

Information (all members):

-Access RAAV-CARFAC contracts, licenses and fee schedules to help you protect your artistic practice;
-Obtain information on taxation (income, taxes and tax deductions).

Discounts (all members):

-Take advantage of our special discounts and offers.

Membership categories

According to its by-laws, the RAAV has three categories of membership: Professional, Associate and Honorary. Members who have paid their dues and assessments, if any, are members in good standing.

Date of next Eligibility Committee: 28th november

Deadline for receipt of applications: To be determined

Please note that you can apply online for membership or apply to the eligibility committee at any time.

To become a professional member of RAAV, any creator in the visual arts field must meet the following requirements:

Definition of a professional visual artist: a person who practices an art on his/her own account and who professionally offers his/her services or works, for remuneration or other monetary consideration, as a creator in a field of the visual arts.

  • The artist must reside in Quebec at the time of application;
  • The applicant must prove that he is a professional as defined by law. That is, he  has offered his services or works for remuneration as a creator.

In addition, the RAAV professional artist member agrees to:

  • respect the ethical rules of the Association (in French only);
  • pay all dues and assessments when due;
  • comply with any other condition that may be decreed by resolution or by-law of the Board of Directors or the general meeting of members.
  • Professional members must accept the non-partisan nature of RAAV.
  • They have voting rights at general meetings and may be elected to the Board of Directors.
  • Annual membership fee: $100 + $25 for Eligibility Committee assessment
Application for Professional Membership

The Eligibility Committee evaluates the applicant’s professional status based on the criteria established in section 1,1 of the Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, film, the recording arts, literature, arts and crafts and the performing arts, R.S.Q., c. S-32.1.

The RAAV does not judge the aesthetic value or the content of an artist’s work; this is the responsibility of the presenters and funders.

If a file is considered to be in the process of being professionalized, the Committee automatically grants “associate” status. A new application can be made at any time thereafter.

The Eligibility Committee meets 3 to 4 times a year. Applications for professional membership may be submitted at any time. Applications are held until the next Committee meeting.

Here is the list of documents (all in PDF format) to be provided for the Eligibility Committee’s evaluation of your file:

  • Artist Resume; (PDF format)
  • 2 proofs (PDF format) that the artist has offered his/her services or works in return for remuneration, see examples below:
  • Copy of contracts with a broadcaster (a professional broadcaster is required to establish contracts with artists); (PDF format)


  • copies/evidence of income from the sale of artwork (invoice, sales contract, etc.) (PDF format)
  • Grant confirmation letters (if applicable, in PDF format);
  • Press kit  (optional, in PDF format).
Exclusive membership application for Illustration Québec members

In April 2012, the RAAV and Illustration Québec (IQ) entered into an agreement to offer professional illustrators, recognized as visual artists within the meaning of Law S-32.1, the opportunity to benefit from the services and advantages offered by RAAV. According to the agreement between the two associations, professional members of IQ can apply for professional membership in RAAV without going through the eligibility committee. The professional illustrator must attach to the application form a letter from IQ confirming his or her status as a professional member as well as an up-to-date resume.

Become a member

Associate member: Artists at the start of their career, those in the process of professionalization, non-artists who are allies of the artistic cultural milieu.

Corporate member: any self-employed person, company or organization interested in the aims and objectives of RAAV may become a member.

The associate or corporate member of RAAV undertakes to :

An associate or corporate member must accept the non-partisan nature of the Association.

Although associate or corporate members may not vote at general meetings, RAAV encourages all members to attend and take part in project discussions.

Associate or corporate membership is open at all times, without evaluation by RAAV’s eligibility committee.

Annual membership fee : $100

Corporate member

Any non-artist, organization or institution that wishes to support the mission of RAAV may join as a corporate member.
Become a member

A student enrolled in a visual or media arts program at a recognized institution must attach to the application form:

  • proof of registration (required for each renewal year) ; an up-to-date resume (PDF format)

The RAAV student member undertakes to:

An associate member must accept the non-partisan nature of the Association.

Although student members may not vote at general meetings, RAAV encourages all members to attend and take part in project discussions.

Student membership is open at all times, without evaluation by RAAV’s eligibility committee.

Annual membership fee: $25
Become a member

An honorary member is a person who has received recognition as a professional from his or her peers, through an honorary mention, an award, a prize, an excellence grant, a retrospective or any other similar means.

Upon proposal by the RAAV Board of Directors, a nomination is submitted to the voting members.

Honorary members are entitled to vote and are eligible for election as directors.

Benefits of being a member

By becoming a member of RAAV, you gain the privilege of being recognized as a professional artist in the visual arts, but not only! We offer you several services and accompaniments to facilitate your professional life:


Assurart is a team of insurance agents who specialize in providing insurance coverage for individuals and businesses in the visual, applied, performing, media and digital arts. Assurart also provides services to magazines, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and other businesses related to the arts.

In order to respond more specifically to the various needs of the visual arts community, Assurart and RAAV have developed a group insurance program specifically for visual artists. This program is also available to members of CARFAC-Ontario.

As a member of RAAV, you benefit from a preferential rate on the services offered by Assurart.

Professionals in the legal field

Law firm specialized in Family Law, Civil Law and Notary, Brunet & Associates offers to its members a free consultation of about thirty minutes, 25% discount on the fees and packages of the notary lawyers, accompaniment service, emergency service 7/7 and informative conferences on various subjects according to the needs of the hour.

Art Journals and Magazines

15% discount for a one-year subscription (3 publications) or 20% discount for a two-year subscription (6 publications) for members. This offer is applicable on paper subscriptions only. To take advantage of this offer, members must contact abonnement [@]

25% discount on the regular newsstand rate / $24 annual subscription to Vie des arts magazine.

Discount of 6$ on an annual subscription of 3 issues (12 months) to Éditions d’art le Sabord.

25% discount on a one-year subscription to Spirale magazine.

10% discount for the purchase of 3 or 6 issues / $12 newsstand price at Espace art actuel magazine.

Spectacles / Festivals

2023 : 15% discount for Mutek Festival or Mutek forum ticket

30% discount on the regular price ticket at Tangente.

15% discount on seasonal shows at Usine C.

10% discount on tickets for the 2020 edition of the Festival Vue sur la Relève.

Art supplies

10% discount on selected products at regular price at DeSerres.

10% discount on framing projects at Frame & Canvas.

35% discount on the services offered by Encadrements BalthazArt Victoria, framing, hanging, restoration and transportation of works of art.

10% discount on various prints at Rapido books, catalog printing for openings and exhibitions.

15% discount on services offered at Premier Jet, specialist in stone and concrete engraving.

20% discount on studio rental / 10% on equipment rental / 5% on photo lab at Photo Service, photo and video equipment store.


15% discount on the web development services of the agency Viandes et substituts enr, web site design and maintenance.

20% discount when you open an account with Novaxis/Momenteo, online billing and quotation tool.

20% discount on training at Formation Ambassade, digital marketing training center (Ressac agency).

Discounts for members

Here are some answers to the questions most frequently asked by members.

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