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All presenters, organizations or individuals who wish to solicit artist participation and issue a call for submissions can post this call on the RAAV website. Email us the link to the page dedicated to this call for submissions or a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document. No other format for the call for proposals will be accepted. RAAV reserves the right to decide whether or not to distribute it.

Law S-32.1 obliges artists and presenters to sign a contract and also indicates a certain number of clauses that these contracts must contain. RAAV publishes and offers free model contracts to its member artists to guide them in negotiating their terms of engagement. RAAV reminds its members to check the terms of engagement and to forward any questions to the presenter.

See the publication about the Normes des meilleures pratiques de diffusion en arts visuels. La diffusion lors d’exposition avec jury (section 5 (in French only)

See our page about Voir nos contrats-types entre artistes et diffuseurs(in French only)

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