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Membre étudiant
Art numérique, Arts de la fibre, Installation, Média électronique et numérique, Performance, Sculpture, Vidéo d’art
Khadija Baker is a Montreal-based, multidisciplinary artist of Kurdish-Syrian descent (born 1973 in Amuda, Syria). Baker immigrated to Canada from Syria in 2001; she completed her MFA studies at Concordia University 2012. She is a core member of the Centre for Oral History & Digital Storytelling (COHDS) at Concordia University. Her installations investigate social and political themes centered on the uncertainty of home as it relates to persecution, identity, displacement, and memory. As a witness to traumatic events, unsettled feelings of home are a part of her experience. Her multidisciplinary installations often combine textiles, sculpture, performance, sound and video, and involve participative storytelling and performance to create active spaces for greater understanding. Baker continues her research creation at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture (CISSC) at Concordia University. She was awarded Rewilding Arts Prize by David Suzuki Foundation and Rewilding Magazine. Most recently she was awarded Miriam Aaron Roland Family Scholarship for her research creation at Concordia University.
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Photo de Pedro Barbáchano

Pedro Barbáchano

Membre étudiant
Média électronique et numérique, Photographie, Sculpture
Pedro Barbáchano is an artist, cultural worker and educator working between Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal and Cairo, Egypt. His practice observes speculative archaeology, the critique of historical and photographic documents and issues with the representation of subaltern identities culminating as sculptural installations, books, and augmented reality experiences stemming from the photographic image. He has exhibited in Spain, Canada and Egypt in venues such as SCAN (Tarragona, Spain) and Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery (Montreal, Canada). Barbáchano is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Roloff Beny Fellowship in Photography, the Gabor Szilasi Prize in Photography, the Post Image Research Fellowship, the Steven Goldberg Bursary, John W. O’Brien Graduate Fellowship and the Heather & Erin Walker Humanitarian Award. His work can be found in private collections in Canada and Spain. Barbáchano is currently pursuing an MFA and has lectured at Concordia University (Montreal).
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