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Maria Isabel Rodriguez

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" I have chosen to accept an innermost truth and awaken onto a reality. All persons express multiple facets of being tangibly combining form and colour of psychic- breath, spirit, soul and mind. I wish to explore the painterly externalization of the universally obvious vs. the mystic. I like to recreate in my paintings the reflection of the light on my subject matter given an ambiguous and sub real product that invites the viewer to enter what I consider real. I am emerged on nature inspiration and the beauty that sometimes can just be capture for a short period of time as is the case of the flowers".

A passionate reflection onto this life’s essence and an awe of nature admiration compels Rodriguez to intuitively express herself in exuberant colour and rhythmic form.

​A childhood spent in civil war torn Guatemala, … subsequently well-travelled, … immigrant to Canada, … Rodriguez wishes to identify her present-day self through a spontaneous exercise/exorcism of paint to canvas. Early Canadian career-achievements in fashion illustration / textile design / modelling, and public relations eventually led Rodriguez to a wish for a more personal freedom of purpose — finally to emerge herself in a fine arts studio practice — to paint independently.

​Rhythmic, almost carnivalesque-busy compositions leave scarce place for the viewer’s eye or mind to rest. Bold, saturated contrasting colours are employed without inhibition … they bounce-off one another creating conflicting emotional effect. Juxtaposed advancing and receding colours (warm vs. cool) produce a push-and-pull in the illusion of space. Colours consistently change value, degree of saturation, and painterly touch — a measure of tension emerges.

The artist’s inner necessity manifests itself in a heart-felt passion to seek out a pantheist empathy with the vibrant flow of the blood of nature. That which was metaphysically experienced goes through a transformation/crystallization to become a painting. An elusive state of awareness dealing with absolute consciousness vs. the mystic source of all creation prevails.

Theason Luke, Montreal

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