Elsy Zavarce is a multidisciplinary visual artist and an emeritus professor in Design at the Zulia University.

Elsy Zavarce is a multidisciplinary visual artist, interdisciplinary researcher, and emeritus professor at the Zulia University. Born in Canada but grew up in Venezuela. Elsy has a background as a professor of Architecture and Graphic Design in Venezuela. Since 2019 she is a full time PhD student in Art Education at Concordia University, and a student of Bijouterie-Joaillerie at l’École des métiers du Sud-Ouest-de-Montréal (ÉMSOM), Montreal. As a Ph.D. student, she is interested in researching how communities of practice can help build a sense of belonging, resilience, and resistance.
As an artist, she has explored various means of expression. She has exhibited in Venezuela, Canada, USA, being part of private and public collections, like in the Americas Museum, USA. She has taken part in innumerable exhibitions and individual projects: Curará (CEVAZ Gallery 2004), Memory of the Objects – Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUL, 2017) among others. Guest artist in many Art Salons stands out Art in the Era of Discoveries (MACZUL, 2015) invited by L. A. Duque. She has been worthy of academic recognition and distinctions in the arts such as the Special Mention in the Aragua Art Salon (2012), First Prize in three-dimensional work in the Caribbean Art Salon (2000), among others.

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